Warrior's Rest

Tempus’s dominion, Warrior’s Rest is a rocky, arid landscape that changes unpredictably and recovers quickly from the wars that rage across it. Most of it is relatively flat, with towering mesas suddenly rising out of the plains. Here, war is a sport played by those who cannot die.

Tempus wanders Warrior’s Rest, moving among the countless halls where victorious factions are welcome to revel as long as they can hold the grounds. Tempus can sometimes be found within the single granite tower on Blood Tor, where his lover Beshaba dwells. He also visits the Red Knight, whom he treats as a daughter, in her Red Tower. Tempus’s other exarchs maintain their own realms.

Alignment: Unaligned.

Primary Residents: Tempus and his exarchs Garagos, the Red Knight, Uthgar, and Valkur; Beshaba.

Warrior's Rest

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