Towers of Night

This benighted dominion, the Towers of Night, is vaster than any other in the Astral Sea. It is a dark wasteland full of craggy reaches and deserts of black sand. Sinister seas and rivers, as well as terrifying forests and bogs, dot the landscape.

Forbidding citadels rise in the starless dark here. The largest of these is the Palace of Loss, Shar’s circular abode, resting in the dominion’s highest peak. Within the Slithering Jungle, the principal forest in the dominion, Sseth’s City of Serpents rises, centered on a black pyramid. Far away, deep in the most treacherous disease-ridden swamp of the dominion, another black pyramid squats— Talona’s Plague Palace. Not far from Talona’s palace, the interloper Zehir occupies a many-tunneled escarpment protruding from the Sea of Poison.

Alignment: Evil.

Connection: The Shadowfell.

Primary Residents: Shar; Sseth; Talona; Zehir.

Towers of Night

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