Titan Realms

The largest and most powerful titans have realms within the Elemental Chaos. However, Skoraeus, strongest among stone giants, instead wanders the plane’s ever-changing mountainous regions.

Fimbulwinter: From his stronghold and grim festhall, Nyfholl, Thrym rules a vast tundra lit by glittering icefalls.

Hidden Realm: All titans pay homage to the mightiest among them—the mysterious Annam, whose lonely Hidden Realm is nearly impossible to find.

Muspelheim: Greatest within this fiery realm is Surtr, who controls his volcanic land from a citadel called the Iron Mountain.

Steading: In rolling terrain full of outsized creatures and plants stands the Steading, a wooden hall where Grolantor bullies his lessers.

Thraotor: Floating in the skies within an eternal storm is Thraotor, fortress of Memnor.

Titan Realms

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