The Deep Wilds

Silvanus’ dominion, the Deep Wilds, is a vast expanse of untamed wilderness. It contains every imaginable kind of earthly terrain, including a dark and foreboding ocean. Within, no solid building spoils the wildness of the place, though the inhabitants clothe themselves and use tools appropriate to their sensibilities. Auril’s Winter Hall, built only of wind and ice, moves slowly across the dominion, bringing winter where it goes.

Alignment: Unaligned.

Connections: Arvandor, the Dismal Caverns, the Elemental Chaos, Eternal Sun, the Feywild, and Gates of the Moon.

Primary Residents: Silvanus and his exarch Malar; Auril; Mielikki and her exarch Shiallia; Umberlee.

The Deep Wilds

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