Shadow Keep

Hidden within the bleak landscape of the Shadowfell is the abode of a god gone missing sometime before or during the Spellplague. All but forgotten now, the Master of All Thieves, Mask, kept a citadel built totally of shadow. He used it as a hideout when he tired of his wanderings and mischief among the planes. Since Mask’s disappearance, his Chosen sometimes occupy the keep.

Shadow Keep is barely visible in the gloom of the Shadowfell, and before noticing it as more than a deeper shadow, one can walk directly into its walls. Those walls are nonetheless solid. Mask’s old lair hasn’t crumbled despite the absence of its master.

Long ago, a portion of the keep was transformed into the legendary Fane of Shadows, a temple that travels worlds and planes serving the inscrutable agendas of the various gods and goddesses of shadows, twilight, and darkness. It is said that Mask manipulated the other deities so that he was able to appoint the guardian of the Fane, a being of unknown identity. Mask’s Shadow Keep is one of the anchor points for the Fane. It returns from time to time, materializing from the darkness and reattaching to the keep.

The keep and the Fane no doubt hold vast treasures and artifacts Mask pilfered from the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Both edifices also contain other fearsome caretakers and traps set to ensnare or kill the unwelcome.

Shadow Keep

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