Other Realms

Many other creatures, great and small, call the Elemental Chaos home. Some of these have carved out homes and kingdoms amid the maelstrom.

City of Brass: Efreets of the Elemental Chaos divide many fiery realms among themselves, forming a feudal hierarchy wherein lesser fire beings serve them. Their chief holding is the City of Brass, an ancient metropolis kept tolerable to various life forms so planar travelers can gather and trade.

Djinn Motes: Clannish djinns congregate under tribal leaders on chunks of earth floating high above the Chaos’s roiling landscape. These beings of air move their holdings to make war on efreets and titans alike.

Githzerai Monasteries: The githzerai have settlements in the Elemental Chaos. Inside they hone their bodies and minds to perfection.

Other Realms

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