Gates of the Moon

Rocky islands float on and above a silvery sea. The moon waxes and wanes, often as visible during the bright sunlight hours as it is at night. Natural beauty fills each island, along with elegant buildings that range from quaint cottages to elegant manors.

Gates of the Moon is a place of beauty and joy, centered on Selûne’s shining hall, Argentil. Surrounding Argentil’s island is Sune’s romantic city, Brightwater. The Great Wheel—seven earthmotes connected by lofty bridges—is Tymora’s realm.

Alignment: Good.

Connections: The mysterious Infinite Staircase in Argentil has portals to cities in every part of the cosmos. Most of these are one-way passages. Selûne also maintains openings to Arvandor, the Deep Wilds, the Feywild, and the Green Fields.

Primary Residents: Selûne; Sune and her exarchs Lliira and Sharess; Tymora.

Gates of the Moon

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