The Feywild is a magical and mysterious echo of the world of Toril.

Called Faerie in ancient texts and Elven works, the Feywild is home to countless fey, and the origin of Toril’s elves and eladrin and their deities. Its relationship to the world has waxed and waned over the millennia. During bygone times, eladrin built secret realms in Faerûn more closely connected to the Feywild than was the case in the rest of the world. Perhaps through these connections, the Spellplague pulled the Feywild back into Toril’s proximity.

The Feywild is a twilight realm of stunning natural beauty and raw magic. Its landscapes are full of splendor and danger foreign to the mortal world. Many of its creatures have existed in the world for ages, but not in so terrible and organized a form as they do in the Feywild. Some correspondence exists between worldly terrain and the fey lands. Although not every feature of Toril has a twin in the Feywild, many do.

Travel: The Feywild is easy to reach, since the barrier between it and the world is often quite thin. The world and the Feywild occasionally converge, allowing whole realms to exist in both planes or pass between the two. In some places, a traveler doesn’t need a ritual to cross and might even stumble into the Feywild unawares. In other places, fey crossroads allow access to those who know the proper rites. The Feywild is so walled off from the world in certain places, however, that powerful magic is required to cross the boundary.

The Feywild is at once indescribably beautiful and darkly perilous. Traveling there is like moving about the world, but magic and fey creatures run riot on this enchanted plane. The needs of creatures from the world are seldom considered, and more than a few fey are actively malicious.

Connections: Travel to astral dominions is possible through the Feywild. Arvandor, the Deep Wilds, and Gates of the Moon all have direct connections that allow easy access to places in the Feywild. The reverse is also true, although planar crossings are usually dangerous or well guarded.

Territories: Originally home to the elves and eladrin, the Feywild is also the motherland of all fey. It includes the ruins of destroyed and abandoned elven and eladrin territories. It also contains grand kingdoms of eladrin that never came to Toril, as well as the sinister domains of fomorian lords and their lackeys, the cyclopses. Neither force can be relied upon to be good, as the word is conventionally used, but the fomorians are certainly the more wicked. In between these major forces, other fey kingdoms and holdings exist.

Fey dominate the Feywild, and their power extends into worldly places such as the Forest of Amtar (Dambrath), the Curna Mountains (Estagund), the Forest of Lethyr (Great Dale), Gulthandor (Dragon Coast), the High Forest (Luruar), the Hordelands, Rashemen, the Yuirwood (Aglarond), and other wild regions of Faerûn. Elven and eladrin holdings, such as Elfharrow, Evereska, the Moonshaes, Shilmista (Tethyr), and the Wealdath (Tethyr), have strong ties to the Feywild.

Territories located in the Feywild include Mag Tureah and Sildëyuir.


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