Elemental Chaos

Mingling and clashing types of energy, firmament and earth, fire and water—all make up the reality of the Elemental Chaos.

Shaped of disparate elemental dimensions that were once native to Toril, together with a plane that once existed as a cosmological relative of Abeir, the Chaos is where the elements frolic and fight without the overarching control of morality or reason. One element might even act like another— earth swirling like water or floating like air, or fire falling like rain. Specific locales within the Chaos might seem normal or pleasant by worldly standards, but otherworldly displays and threats are commonplace. The only constant is change.

Travel: Getting to the Elemental Chaos usually requires a ritual. Still, places where the Chaos touches the world are numerous, and through these a creature might pass from one realm to the other. The lands of the Chaos can be harsh, desolate, or both, but traveling upon them is otherwise as easy as traversing a similar worldly landscape.

Realms: Much of the Elemental Chaos is dangerous wilderness, full of wondrous sights and unpredictable inhabitants. Great primordial beings of elemental nature lord over realms within the Chaos. As the deities maintain their dominions in the Astral Sea, so do primordials keep their realms here.

Traits: A mighty enough creature can organize the Elemental Chaos to its liking, imposing an order of sorts in a limited area. A great fire being covers its realm in fire, while a creature of frost makes ice dominant. In such realms, the entropy of the Elemental Chaos is quelled by the shaping will. A realm can have an alignment matching that of its primordial master.

Realms here can have connections like those of dominions in the Astral Sea. The Elemental Chaos has strong ties to the world and to the astral dominion known as the Deep Wilds. Individual elemental realms connect to dominions where ties remain strong between primordials that were once thought to be gods and those that still are.

Realms located in the Elemental Chaos include Cresting Spires, Root Hold, Sky Home, the Undying Pyre, and the Titan Realms, as well as the Abyss and some other realms.

Elemental Chaos

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