City-Bastion in Djerad Thymar

The citadel-city of Djerad Thymar is a colossus that towers over the surrounding terrain. The lower third of the citadel is a massive block of granite over 200 feet tall, which houses the Catacombs. The middle third of the citadel is an open area that sits atop the granite block. This area, called the Market Floor, contains hundreds of massive stone pillars, each 50 feet in diameter, that support the upper third of the citadel—a great, flat-topped pyramid known as the City-Bastion. An enormous granite ramp leads up to the Market Floor from the ground below. Narrow spiraling staircases wind up around the pillars to reach the City-Bastion above.

The Catacombs are an immense labyrinth of tunnels and chambers that snake through the heart of the granite block. These warrens serve as crypts and storehouses, built to hold the bodies of the dead and the war engines of the dragonborn army.

The Market Floor is an open bazaar where the city’s commerce occurs. Farmers regularly haul foodstuffs up the Great Ramp to be sold on the floor, and traders from other nations are permitted to sell their goods as well. Although taverns exist, the bulk of the establishments cater to the clientele with elaborate repasts and open dance floors where the dragonborn can perform their ritualistic dances.

The City-Bastion houses the bulk of the dragonborn population, whose frugal quarters encircle the central open hall on level after level. The apartments are dedicated to sleeping, food preparation, and martial training, though scattered centers of learning offer studies as well. Martial techniques are largely imported from Abeir, and studies make use of tomes that are purchased across Faerûn and brought back to Djerad Thymar so that the dragonborn can learn about their new world.

City-Bastion in Djerad Thymar

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