An enormous mountain ringed by three smaller peaks, known as Celestia, floats through the Astral Sea. The summit emits silver light, illuminating all. Wondrous life is abundant, and pure water flows freely. Near the mountain’s top is a ringing city, known as the True Court, where Torm rules from a palace called the High Seat.

On one of Celestia’s lesser peaks is Ilmater’s domain, Martyrdom. An idyllic place where none can suffer, Martyrdom centers on an open-air temple with rows of white pillars. At the heart of this sanctuary is a plinth of white stone into which the longsword Justicar is plunged. Inscribed on the stone are a stylized scale and the words “Justice endures.”

Alignment: Lawful good.

Connections: Dwarfhome, Eternal Sun.

Primary Residents: Torm; Ilmater; Bahamut.


City of Splendors & Horrors agony42