From his Black Bastion, Bane rules supreme in this dominion, his consort Loviatar at his side. Under an oppressive sky lit by baleful green light, Banehold is divided into fiefs held by the Black Lord’s divine vassals. These lands are bleak and plagued by constant strife.

An outlying desolation still holds ruined citadels and blasted landscapes of rock, obsidian, sand, and pitted iron. Over this hangs a red sky broken by black stormclouds. These areas serve as warnings to those beings that Bane subjugated during the Spellplague. In these outlands, Bane’s servant Tiamat lurks and plots in the various lairs that Bane allowed her to build.

Alignment: Evil.

Connections: None.

Primary Residents: Bane and his exarchs Abbathor, Fzoul Chembryl, Hoar, Hruggek, and Maglubiyet; Loviatar; Tiamat.


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