Astral Sea

The province of mind and spirit, the Astral Sea is where pure imagination can become real. This great silvery void contains the dominions of the gods.

Travel: Traveling to the Astral Sea requires only the proper ritual, or passage through pathways found in the world, the Feywild, and especially the Shadowfell. Traveling in the Astral Sea is as easy as flying. Mortal creatures that have the ability to travel the planes can journey to, traverse, and even inhabit the Sea’s dominions. Some dominions are inhospitable, however, and few deities take kindly to the intrusion of mortals who come uninvited.

Dominions: Once arranged like a tree, the divine dominions have begun drifting in the Astral Sea since the Spellplague. During the Spellplague, old dominions fell, were merged, or disappeared entirely, and new ones arose. Each dominion is a vast but finite space, home of one or more gods who use their divine power to maintain its structure.

Traits: Dominions have traits dictated by the powerful entities who inhabit them. A dominion might have an alignment, derived primarily from the greater god that controls it and secondarily from the other divinities that share the place. Dominions can also have connections to various locales within the cosmos—other dominions, other planes, or realms in the Elemental Chaos. These links are forged by agreements among deities and other entities.

Each dominion is controlled by a greater god, but other gods often share it, though they don’t necessarily work with the primary divinity. Lesser divine beings called exarchs also inhabit each dominion and serve one or more of the gods.

Dominions located in the Astral Sea include Arvandor, Banehold, Celestia, Cynosure, The Deep Wilds, The Demonweb Pits, The Dismal Caverns, Dwarfhome, Eternal Sun, The Fugue Plane, Gates of the Moon, Green Fields, House of Knowledge, The Nine Hells, Nishrek, The Supreme Throne, Towers of Night, and Warrior’s Rest.

Astral Sea

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