Arvandor is a place of natural beauty and magic even greater than that of the Feywild. The deities that share Arvandor claim separate areas, but few acknowledge precise borders. All agree that Arvandor centers on Corellon’s palace, Crescent Grove, where he lives with his queen, Angharradh.

Scattered throughout Arvandor are seven vast and rolling hills covered with beautiful golden grass. The Seven Golden Hills are primarily gnome realms, though the gnome divinities live and wander where they wish.

Alignment: Good.

Connections: The Deep Wilds, the Feywild, Gates of the Moon, and Sky Home.

Primary Residents: Corellon and his exarchs Deep Sashelas, Erevan Ilesere, Fenmarel Mestarine, Labelas Enoreth, Shevarash, and Solonor Thelandira; Angharradh; Garl Glittergold and his exarchs Baervan Wildwanderer, Baravar Cloakshadow, and Callarduran Smoothhands.


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