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This campaign is designed to be a delve into Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, where political/noble intrigue rules and you can go as far as your pockets will take you. Waterdeep is rich in history and with a population of over 140 thousand people, you never know who you might run into. Prepare yourself to bump shoulders with the rich, the poor, the powerful and to put your swords and spells to the test against fierce foes in an epic story that will take you across the entire continent of Faerun. Create the histories that people will speak of for ages to come like the heroes who have come before you.

Strong emphasis on roleplaying, character development (character journals will be rewarded, including a background on who your character is and where he/she is from), epic battles where strategy will win over brute force.

New people are welcome, but come prepared with an open mind and ready for some action!

Current Roster
Jessa – Adelina Thann, Human Sorceress
Alan – Damastes Grimm, Tiefling Warlord
Josh – Willem, Human Monk
Jarrett – Arcturus, Human Swordmage

Character Creation: Please choose two Background Benefits at level one. The first benefit must be chosen from the list of Forgotten Realms backgrounds in the Character Builder, and the second from the list of General backgrounds. While characters only benefit from one of the backgrounds chosen, the other should be used to help flesh out the character’s written background.

You may also choose one Theme at level one provided that you submit a suitable written character background. Themes from the Dark Sun campaign setting or Themes that provide a monetary or equipment gain are prohibited.

City of Splendors & Horrors

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