The Jewel of the North is a crossroads city hungry for coin and tolerant of outsiders. Long ago, the Lords of Waterdeep turned away from thoughts of empire and built a commercial powerhouse that dominates trade in western Faerûn. The city is famed for the legendary dungeon known as Undermountain that lies beneath its streets, holding all manner of monsters and treasure.

The City of Splendors has numerous wards, neighborhoods, and notable landmarks.

The inhabitants of Waterdeep are generally cosmopolitan, tolerant, and open-minded. Drawn from all manner of cultures and races, Waterdhavians are united in their hopes of bettering their lot in life. They love to gossip and spread rumors, with information rivaling coin as the chief currency of the city. Waterdhavians are generally distrustful of Amnians and “northern barbarians” and fear only hordes of orcs and trolls. The citizens buy, sell, and make all kinds of goods and services. Waterdeep is known for its guilds and noble families, but both groups have seen their share of setbacks in recent years.

Waterdeep is ruled by a council of twenty Masked Lords (nobles hidden behind powerful illusions to obscure their identities) and one Open Lord. The current Open Lord is the boisterous and dangerous Dagult “Dagger” Neverember, the so-called Lord Protector of Neverwinter. Unlike most of the other Open Lords in Waterdeep’s history, Lord Neverember has demonstrated an expansionist and imperialistic bent. In recent years, he has set his Sights on Neverwinter as the next territory in his growing empire.


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