The Foehammer, Unaligned (Greater God)

Worshipers: Barbarians, fighters, half-orcs, rangers, and warriors


The Lord of Warrior’s Rest, Tempus, favors both sides in any conflict with equal measure as long as both are sworn to victory. He is the patron of warriors of all stripes—from the lowliest man-at-arms to the mightiest commander. For Tempus, war is a force of nature that must be respected for its power to remake civilizations.

Hardly a soldier on the face of Toril fails to lift his or her voice in prayer to Tempus on the eve of battle. Given the war-ravaged history of the world, Tempus has gained extraordinary power from such constant and fervent prayer.

His battleguards counsel generals on the rules of engagement and inspire courage in combatants by blessing their weapons in the name of Tempus. The Tempuran faith is scattered throughout the world, wherever arms are taken up, and his priests come from all walks of life, from the soldiery of the civilized nations to the savage tribes of the frozen North.

Tempus’ favored weapon is a battleaxe, called Battle Prowess.


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