Devas: Lonely wanderers who rarely see others of their kind, devas roam all corners of Faerûn.

Dragonborn: Born of Abeir, the dragonborn are an honorable people who draw strength from the hardships of their heritage and their resolve to survive.

Dwarves: The glory of the ancient dwarven kingdoms lies far in the past, yet these stout champions remain vigilant against the myriad foes arrayed against them.

Drow: A decadent race of dark elves whose beauty and sophistication fail to mask hearts all too often stained in evil.

Eladrin: The eladrin are mysterious people of Faerie. Masters of sword and spell, they defend their glittering cities and ancestral homelands from the dark forces arrayed against them.

Elves: The secluded elves prefer the natural world over the trappings of civilization and live in harmony with the wilderness.

Genasi: Energy embodied, chaos and order united— the genasi are a race of inherent flexibility, passion, and diversity.

Gnomes: Slight, sly tricksters of the Feywild who excel at avoiding notice.

Half-Elves: Travelers, adventurers, traders, and diplomats, half-elves are born leaders whose glib tongues invite friendly smiles and inspire welcoming arms.

Half-Orcs: Combining the strength and hardiness of orcs with the cunning and ambition of humans, half-orcs are a tough breed indeed.

Halflings: Creatures of the earth who love a warm hearth and pleasant company, halflings are folks of few enemies and many friends.

Humans: Builders and destroyers, humans have fleeting life spans that can drive them to momentous accomplishments or simple pleasures.

Mul: Muls are half-dwarves, descended from the union of a human and a dwarf.

Shadar-kai: Cold of heart and dark of eye, passion burns still within these people of shadow and deep winter.

Shifters: Ferocious heirs of the wild, the perfect fusion of civilized race and wild beast.

Tieflings: Plagued by a dark and sinister heritage, tieflings walk through the shadows of their race’s past, savoring the darkness or trying to escape it.


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