The most interesting lands of Faerûn from the perspective of adventurers, focusing on the areas from which such characters are likely to hail. Each section contains general facts about the place that every resident of the region knows.

Aglarond: Aglarond is a nation balanced on a knife edge, surviving in spite of the odds. Elves, half-elves, and humans call it home. They dwell along Aglarond’s broad, sweeping coastline and in the boughs of the expansive central forest known as the Yuirwood. Veltalar is the capital city of Aglarond.

Amn: In Amn, everything has a price. From assassins and slaves to art and artifacts, the nation offers an indulgence or a vice for everyone. The laws can be strict for those without a coin or two for the right bribe at the right time. Around every street corner and bend in the road, Amn might hold the opportunity of a lifetime—or a cutthroat waiting to end your life. Athkatla is the capital city of Amn.

Baldur’s Gate: Baldur’s Gate is a city of opportunity and fair laws. By some accounts, it has swelled to become the most populated city in all of Faerûn.

Calimshan: Calimshan’s unforgiving desert can sear the skin and strip the bones of the unwary traveler, but its inhabitants pose the greatest danger. War has ravaged the landscape of the former human nation, leaving it even more desolate than before. Two forces contest the land: the genasi followers of Calim and those of his nemesis, Memnon.

Cormyr: The Forest Kingdom of Cormyr lies at the western end of the Sea of Fallen Stars, nestled between the Storm Horns and the Thunder Peaks and stretching from the Stonelands to the Dragonmere. Dominated by humankind, Cormyr has been ruled by House Obarskyr for over fourteen centuries, with the strong backing of an army of heavily armored knights on Cormyrian destriers and magically potent war mages. Suzail is the capital of Cormyr.

The Dragon Coast: Mention of the Dragon Coast evokes images of dark alleys and underhanded dealings, of thieves’ guilds and pirate ships. The Dragon Coast summons adventure to it as few other places in Faerûn do. As a result of recent changes, the traditionally safe places of this region have grown a little safer, but the dangerous parts have grown much deadlier.

Luruar: A land of friendship and safety, composed of a defensive league of strong, independent cities. It offers a new start for people with ruined lives, welcoming those of all races and backgrounds, as long as their intentions are noble. Silverymoon is the most well-known city in Luruar.

Luskan: Dismal Luskan festers on the northern shores of the Sword Coast. Its days of glory and prominence far behind it, Luskan has sharply declined over the last few decades as ambitious gangs, ruthless pirates, and horrid monsters have laid claim to the city at one time or another. No group rules for long, but each one leaves an indelible stamp on the shattered cesspool that this once vibrant and active city has become.

Myth Drannor: This ancient elven kingdom was once the foremost power north of the Sea of Fallen Stars before it fell into darkness seven centuries ago. It remained a monster-haunted ruin for hundreds of years until the sun and moon elves reclaimed the kingdom shortly before the Year of Blue Fire. Myth Drannor has flourished since its refounding.

Nelanther Isles: The Nelanther Isles spread outward from Amn and fade far out into the Trackless Sea, more than a thousand specks of land making up this archipelago. A noted haven for some of the most bloodthirsty pirates to sail the waters of the Sword Coast and beyond, these islands are no place for the unwary.

Netheril: The Empire of Netheril has risen from the desert sands of Anauroch, a land wreathed in shadow that dominates the northern reaches of Faerûn. The floating cities of Shade Enclave and Sakkors rule the great basin between the High Ice and the Stonelands, and hold the nearby land of Sembia in thrall.

Neverwinter: The City of Skilled Hands, the Jewel of the North- many were the accolades once heaped upon Neverwinter. Then, almost thirty years ago, the city died.

Sea of Fallen Stars:

Thay: Beneath skies of ash and cinder lies the broken landscape of Thay. A forbidding place, much of Thay consists of badlands, deserts, rugged mountains, cinder cones, and active volcanoes that belch forth plumes of toxic steam and rain flaming debris on the lands below. Under the tyrannical rule of Szass Tam, the undead are the masters of Thay. Where life exists, it suffers terribly in the form of slaves, playthings, and chattel to be sacrificed, sold, or remade into undead thralls.

Tymanther: The interloper nation of Tymanther squats atop the ruins of Unther, dominated by the citadel-city of Djerad Thymar. The dragonborn citizens of this new nation are a proud race of warriors, known for their hatred of dragons and their ilk.

The Vilhon Wilds: The untamed lands formed by the draining of much of the Vilhon Reach and the destruction of Chondath are known as the Vilhon Wilds. Wracked by the Spellplague and the continuing threat posed by the Plaguewrought Land, the Vilhon Wilds is a true frontier. The Chondalwood is located within the Wilds.

Waterdeep: The City of Splendors is a center of commerce, where representatives of every race, creed, and nation come to trade, spread rumors, and make their fortunes.


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