Greater Gods

The Greater Gods are the most powerful rank of deities worshiped by mortals. They generally have millions of followers and command much respect from their divine peers.

The roles of the deities and the hierarchy they inhabit have changed many times over the millennia, and the only certainty is that they will change again. The gods of Faerûn come in many forms and varying degrees of power and influence, but certain restrictions apply to all. Eighteen greater gods compete for the attention of worshipers.

The eighteen greater gods include Amaunator, Asmodeus, Bane, Chauntea, Corellon, Cyric, Ghaunadaur, Gruumsh, Kelemvor, Lolth, Moradin, Oghma, Selûne, Shar, Silvanus, Sune, Tempus, and Torm.

Io is a greater god of the draconic pantheon.

Greater Gods

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