The world of Toril is full of powerful beings and their servants. Competing sects of the same deity might fight deadly wars against each other, or could come together to work mighty rituals.

The Faerûnian pantheon is dominated by the greater gods, masters of their own domains and allied with or served by ranks of other gods, exarchs (divine beings of extraordinary power), and other extraplanar servitors, such as primordials. Much like their mortal worshipers, the gods seek and break alliances, fight, love, hate, and even kill, absorb, or resurrect each other.

The gods take an active interest in the affairs of Toril, exerting pressures both subtle and overt primarily through the actions of their mortal servants. Priests in thousands of different sects gain access to divine magic in exchange for their investiture in their church. They are the primary instruments of a church’s mission in the world, and the only manifestation of divine power that the average mortal ever encounters.

Ao: The Hidden One, Unaligned (Overgod)

Akadi: The Queen of the Air, Unaligned (Primordial)

Amaunator: The Keeper of the Yellow Sun, Lawful Good (Greater God)

Asmodeus: Supreme Master of the Nine Hells, Evil (Greater God)

Auril: The Frostmaiden, Chaotic Evil (Lesser Goddess)

Bahamut: The God of Dragons, Good (Lesser God)

Bane: The Black Lord, Evil (Greater God)

Bazim-Gorag: The Lord of the Pandemonium Stone, Chaotic Evil (Primordial)

Berronar Truesilver: The Revered Mother, Lawful Good (Lesser Goddess)

Beshaba: The Lady of Doom, Evil (Lesser Goddess)

Chauntea: The Great Mother, Lawful Good (Greater Goddess)

Corellon: First of the Seldarine, Good (Greater God)

Cyric: Prince of Lies, Chaotic Evil (Greater God)

Garl Glittergold: The Watchful Protector, Good (Lesser God)

Ghaunadaur: That Which Lurks, Chaotic Evil (Greater God)

Grumbar: The Lord of the Earth, Unaligned (Primordial)

Gruumsh: The One-Eyed God, Chaotic Evil (Greater God)

Gond: The Lord of All Smiths, Unaligned (Lesser God)

Hoar: The Doombringer, Evil (Exarch)

Ilmater: The Crying God, Good (Lesser God)

Io: World-Shaper, Unaligned (Greater God)

Istishia: The Lord of Water, Unaligned (Primordial)

Jergal: Lord of the End of Everything, Unaligned (Exarch)

Kelemvor: Lord of the Dead, Unaligned (Greater God)

Kossuth: The Lord of Fire, Unaligned (Primordial)

Lliira: Our Lady of Joy, Good (Exarch)

Lolth: Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Chaotic Evil (Greater Goddess)

Loviatar: The Maiden of Pain, Evil (Lesser Goddess)

Luthic: The Cave Mother, Chaotic Evil (Lesser Goddess)

Malar: The Beastlord, Evil (Exarch)

Mielikki: The Forest Queen, Good (Lesser Goddess)

Milil: Lord of All Songs, Good (Exarch)

Moradin: The Soul Forger, Lawful Good (Greater God)

Oghma: The Binder of What is Known, Unaligned (Greater God)

The Red Knight: Lady of Strategy, Lawful Good (Exarch)

Selûne: The Moonmaiden, Good (Greater Goddess)

Shar: Mistress of the Night, Evil (Greater Goddess)

Sharess: The Dancing Lady, Good (Exarch)

Sheela Peryroyl: The Green Sister, Good (Lesser Goddess)

Siamorphe: The Divine Right, Lawful Good (Exarch)

Silvanus: The Forest Father, Unaligned (Greater God)

Sune: The Lady of Love, Good (Greater Goddess)

Talona: Mother of All Plagues, Chaotic Evil (Lesser Goddess)

Tempus: The Foehammer, Unaligned (Greater God)

Tiamat: The Avaricious, Evil (Lesser Goddess)

Torm: The Loyal Fury, Lawful Good (Greater God)

Tymora: Lady Luck, Good (Lesser Goddess)

Umberlee: Queen of the Depths, Chaotic Evil (Lesser Goddess)

Uthgar: The Battle Father, Unaligned (Exarch)

Valkur: Captain of the Waves, Good (Exarch)

Waukeen: Merchant’s Friend, Unaligned (Lesser God)

Zehir: The Fang of the Night, Evil (Lesser God)


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